Consciously Me 2

Consciously Me 2 creates apparel and accessories to promote and bring light to Mental Health. The product we create sends messages of love, positivity and wisdom not only to the individual wearing it but to all the world that can read and see it on you!!! Join our tribe and be a light to the world spreading messages of encouragement to yourself and others that need it.

Consciously Me 2 is leading a movement to empower, motivate, uplift and support Mental Health Awareness. We are dedicated to redefining how the world looks at Mental Health and encouraging the world to speak how they feel and not feel ashamed. Consciously Me 2 creates pieces that will resonate with you and be your voice when you don’t always have the words. Whether you choose to rock an AFFIRMATION or an AFFORMATION....may it raise your vibration, and turn your negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

Welcome to the Consciously Me Tribe!

Blessings, love, light and truth!